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You can see my average rates here. I always propose a customized prices once we discuss your business goals, challenges, marketing setup and product complexity.

Hourly rate however is fixed and very competitive for B2B marketing consulting.

I bring a lot of expertise in marketing analytics. If your analytics is properly setup, I'll help you define metrics before we start so you can see the impact.

If your analytics setup is lacking, I'll fix that for you. 

Absolutely. In over 10 years of marketing, 60% of my work has targeted US/EMEA, 20% to India only and 20% to global audiences. 

100%. In fact I strongly recommend signing a non-disclosure agreement to ensure you are comfortable sharing sensitive information with me. That's the only way to achieve business impact. 

You can see the portfolio of companies I've worked with and connect with me on LinkedIn. If you still have doubts, I suggest we start working on a fully-flexible hourly basis and you can decide on a longer-term contract if you like working with me. 

Yes of course. For international payments in USD or EUR please take SWIFT/PayPal fees into account.

For payments in INR, 18% GST is applicable. I'll issue you a proper tax invoice for every engagement

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