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Marketing consulting and execution to help
B2B companies win in enterprise SaaS markets.

Hi, I'm Vaibhav, B2B marketing consultant and growth marketer.

Clear marketing,
big results.

I help startups and growing companies with product marketing, demand generation, marketing operations and analytics.

Since 2016, I've worked as an independent consultant and delivered outcomes for B2B enterprise and SaaS brands.

  • Led marketing for 40+ brands
  • Results in 15 different industries
  • Intensive work with 20 companies and growing

Create a clear, relevant message for your audience

Give your product a head start by clearly defining where it fits into your customers' journey, how it solves their problems, and how it creates value for their work.

With this deep knowledge I help you add clear, concise and relevant messaging on your user-facing assets and content.
Content Marketing

Attract and influence buyers with high-value content

With deep knowledge of your product and market, I build a customer-first content plan for your brand.

I also work with your team to create content that will attract and influence the right customers.

With the right processes and metrics in place you can see the real impact of content on your growth.

Engage and nurture customers across channels

Reach your audience on the right channels and discover your next customers.

I execute pilot projects for demand generation programs on digital channels and events.

As results are generated from the pilots, I transition them to your team with the right training and management processes.
Marketing Operations

Setup marketing operations and analytics to grow faster

As the impact of your marketing grows I help you adopt, setup and manage the full-stack of tools, data and analytics.

With the right choices, your marketing will have a clear impact on your revenue. And you can finally measure that impact with the right metrics.

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Marketing consulting and execution for B2B companies to win in SaaS and enterprise markets.

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