From early wins to definitive success

Marketing consulting and fearless execution for
B2B technology and SaaS products

Clear B2B marketing for your next stage of growth

I partner with startups and fast-moving companies to help them grow with clear B2B marketing consulting and execution.

Since 2009, I've delivered outcomes for several innovative technology and SaaS products.

  • Led marketing for 35+ brands
  • Driven growth in 15 different industries
  • Intensive work with 22 companies and growing


"It was great working with Vaibhav! We are happy with the work.

We will be working with him on an ongoing basis. Thanks Vaibhav!"

Product Team ActivePrime

"Vaibhav is the best growth consultant and brings clarity in both SEO & analytics. We leaned on Vaibhav's expertise for our initial growth for multiple SaaS products.

I highly recommend Vaibhav to kickstart and grow your B2B marketing."

Kausambi Manjita Founder - Vokab Technologies - /

"Great skills, great communication, great result!"

Kay Wackwitz Founder & CEO - Drone Industry Insights

"Vaibhav is great at demand generation constantly learning new and better ways to execute campaigns. He's very data-driven, which is key in growth marketing.

I have been impressed by Vaibhav's ability to get things done. He's an asset in a fast-paced environment"

Shailesh Chitnis Founder -

"It was a pleasure working with Vaibhav. He helped us craft the messaging from scratch, really owned the project, took time to understand the market, competitors and space.

We are continuing to work with Vaibhav for strategic marketing."

Gautam Rishi Founder -

Communicate clear value to your customers

I help you clearly define where your product fits into your customers' journey, how it solves their problems, and how it creates value for their work.

With this clarity, I help you add clear, relevant and consistent copy on your website, campaigns, content and social media channels.
Content Marketing

Attract and influence buyers with B2B content

Using knowledge of your product and market, I help build a customer-first content plan for your brand.

I also work with your team to create content that will attract and influence the right customers.

With the right processes and metrics in place you can see the real impact of content on your growth.

Execute growth marketing across core B2B channels

Reach your audience on the right channels and discover your next customers.

I execute pilot projects for demand generation programs on digital channels and events.

As results are generated from the pilots, I transition them to your team with the right training and management processes.

Setup marketing technology & growth analytics

As the impact of your B2B marketing grows I help you adopt, setup and manage the full-stack of tools, data and analytics.

With the right choices, your marketing will have a clear impact on your revenue.

And you can finally measure that impact with the right metrics.

Extensive B2B experience

Global experience of 15+ B2B and enterprise industries in US, India & Europe.

Get quality outcomes

To prioritize quality, I partner with a few companies at a time for quality execution.

Deep customer empathy

Discover how your customers think, what they desire, and how your brand can relate.

Setup comprehensive analytics

Combine business insights with analytics knowledge to setup the right growth metrics.

Balance strategy and execution

Use the right mix of long-term vision and swift execution to match your growth stage.

Build momentum for the future

I help you find, hire and train the right talent to continue your growth momentum.

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