Big moves make all the difference

I work closely with your product, marketing and sales teams to help you make the hard to make, big moves that beat competition.

B2B product marketing

Give your amazing product a launchpad by defining where it fits into your customers' journey, how it solves their problems and how it creates value for their work.

I use this deep knowledge to add fresh, clear messaging on all your customer-facing assets.

Content marketing

With the deep knowledge of your product and market, I help you build a plan for the most relevant content for your customers.

I also create limited content with your team and measure the impact on your business.

Demand generation

Reach your audience and find your next customers from digital channels.

I run demand generation programs so you can acquire and convert more customers.

Yes, fully hands-on pilots that are slowly handed off to your teams.
Marketing Operations

Marketing operations

As your marketing impact grows I help you adopt, setup and manage the stack of tools, customer data and analytics.

With the right choices, your marketing efforts will have a clear impact on your revenue. And I help you measure it with the right metrics.

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