How I work

B2B marketing EXECUTION

Kickstart and scale technology companies

Whether just starting up or scaling fast, I can execute full-funnel B2B marketing.

positioning & Messaging

Setup product positioning & messaging

B2B SaaS Strategy

Create a SaaS strategy with the right metrics

Copywriting & content

Attract B2B buyers with great content

Demand generation

Execute campaigns across B2B channels

Marketing Technology

Deploy the right tools and processes

Growth analytics

Implement and track key growth metrics


Communicate clear value to your customers

I help you clearly define where your product fits into your customers’ journey, how it solves their problems, and how it creates value for their work.

With this clarity, I add clear, relevant and consistent copy on your website, campaigns, content and social media channels.

Understand B2B buyers

Realize what matters to your B2B customers and how it impacts your message.

Benchmark competitors

Get a data-first view of your competitor landscape to make the right choices.

Position your product

Find the right positioning in the market that aligns with your product's values.

Create clear messaging

Create core messaging to inspire the copy on website, e-mails, ads and other channels.


Influence buyers with great content

I work with you to build a customer-first content plan that your team can use to create content for attracting and influencing relevant customers.

I add the right processes and metrics so you can see the impact of content on your growth.


Execute cross-channel demand generation

Get faster results

I run pilot campaigns on the relevant channels and get you the early results before handing them over to your team.

Google Ads
Sales Ops

Setup marketing tech and analytics

Keep growing

I help you navigate the complex research and selection process of marketing and sales technology platforms to deploy the tools that make sense for your business. 

I also setup data standards, analytics infrastructure and define the right growth metrics.

WORKED WITH Companies around the world

Get free consultation

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Right mix of B2B skills

Strategy, communication and demand generation

Balance strategy & execution

Find the right balance for your stage of growth

Global marketing experience

Acquire customers in US, Europe, India and globally

Simplify martech & analytics

Setup your analytics and define key growth metrics